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Strategic Partnerships  
Unleash Your Brand in 2023 & Beyond 

A Free Webinar on Using the Power of Strategic Partnerships 

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Presented by Sanjay Dukle,
Strategic Partnerships Mentor, Coach & Author. 

Sanjay Dukle is a Marketing Partnerships Mentor and Coach. He has worked with over 500+ brands and teams in UAE and the region to build Marketing Partnerships on platforms like Etihad Guest and Gems Rewards. He is also Life Success Coach and helps professionals and individuals achieve success & fulfillment in life & work.

Join Sanjay Dukle, Mentor & Success Coach, in a Workshop to understand how  brands can break beyond their limited resources, learn about the best practices to create the right value propositions which customers will love, and use the framework of Marketing Partnerships to grow. 



💬 How you can use the power of Marketing Partnerships to break through limited resources, build brand visibility and find new customers.

💡The best practices to create strategy, identify and target your true customers and create the most relevant value proposition to generate sales. roadmap to build your Marketing Partnerships to grow your business in Summer and beyond.

🚀 How to unleash new sources of customers, stabilize your footfalls and revenues!



> Entrepreneurs & Promoters of businesses who want to build brand visibility.

> Startups and SMEs across Retail & B2B who have limited resources and are trying to grow.

> Solopreneurs & Consultants who want to find new clients.

> Professionals who are planning to launch their own business and need help to plan their strategy.

> Sales & Business Development professionals who have to achieve their sales and growth targets.

>Non Sales & Marketing professionals who want to achieve business growth.

In this webinar we will cover

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