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Build a Better Business Pitch and go to Investors in 15 Days

  • Demonstrate the Growth potential of your Market

  • Give Confidence to Investors with a strong Go-to-Market Plan 

  • Convey Scalability of your Concept & the potential to Succeed with Strategic Partnerships

3 Key Concerns for Every Investor

  1. What is the Growth Potential of the Market for your Concept, Product or Service?

  2. What is your Go-To-Market Plan and how do you aim to achieve it ?

  3. How will your Brand & Business Sustain & Scale in face of existing competition so you can continue to generate Revenue ?

What I Do ...

I help Founders from Startups and Brands to build a Better Pitch for Investors using the power of Strategic Partnerships,  by helping Founders to address the Key Concerns of Investors about the Market Potential, Go to Market Roadmap and Expansion Opportunities for their Business Model. 

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How it helps Founders ...

  • Demonstrate that You have an OPEN Mindset to work with Businesses, Platforms and Stakeholders around you for mutual success. Investors are looking for an OPEN Mindset which is key to succeeding in Today's world.

  • Display a Business model which has an innate ability to find new sources of creating and growing your market share. No matter the Limitations. This assures Investors that you will generate Revenues even in face of competition.

  • Create a Structured Annual Roadmap to Go-To-Market and execute which Investors love. This will give Investors the confidence that you HAVE a Real Plan to Succeed. 

  • Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or create a Proof of Concept (POC) basis which Investors will invest.

  • Address Key concerns of Investors which 5X Expands the scope for Funding.

My Story ...

I am Sanjay Dukle.

I am a Strategic Partnerships Mentor having over 20+ years of experience across the UAE, Regional and Indian sub-continent. I have been associated with brands like Landmark Group and Etihad Guest. I am connected with over 500+ brands in UAE and currently building Partnerships for Gems Rewards, part of Gems Education Group.

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The Book

The Art of Sales Partnerships

With an objective to help Founders and Professionals gain an understanding of the Strategic Partnerships landscape, I have shared insights and learning from my 10+ years of building Strategic Partnerships.

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My Consultation comes with 3 Months of Hand-Holding and Support to help you achieve your goals and success.

Some of the Founders working with me include:

  • Founders building a Pitch for Investors to raise funds

  • Founders wanting to create a Proof of Concept (POC) and need to create strategic Partnerships and Alliances.

  • Founders building a MVP and need support to Go-To-Market.

  • Founders wanting to scale their brand visibility and market share.

  • Solopreneurs who have launched a new business and trying to scale.

  • Business owners who are trying to stabilize their revenues.

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to build their credibility and authority in the market.

  • Founders wanting to create a Proof of Concept (POC) and need to create strategic Partnerships and Alliances.

Funding is Limited. And you only get ONE chance to present to an Investor. Get it RIGHT. 

Better Business Plan. Better Pitch. Better Funding.

The Way Ahead ...

This Free Consultation will help you understand...

  1. Key Benefits of Strategic Partnerships for your Brand & Business

  2. The Methodology I use for building your Brand growth Roadmap

  3. How you can recover your investment even with a small conversion

  4. Growing your Brand Visibility with New Marketing Channels which Investors love.

  5. Creating new sources of Customers and have a stable Business Model

  6. Expanding in your target Market to assure Investors of Revenue potential

  7. Any other objectives that could be achieved.

Start a Discussion ...

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